Image editing and retouching

I offer a comprehensive photo editing and image enhancement service using Adobe Photoshop and other software. I can carry out RAW conversions using several or the industries leading RAW converters. I also carry out restoration of old or damaged images.

As an example of subtle but significant image enhancement, the image you see below was produced by shooting the bottle with the glass (middle image) then removing the glass and reshooting (left hand image). The shots were then combined so that the distorted image of the glass as seen on the middle shot was no longer visible in the bottle, giving a cleaner appearance (final image is on the right). Other work was also done to bring out the detail on the label. 

Image editing photo Uxbridge

Another example (below) produced very recently for a client, that is a bit more obvious. These are from the same shot taken under very high contrast conditions. The one at the top left is the Jpeg image direct from the camera without modification. The one on the bottom right was processed from the RAW file in Bibble Pro and then had further work done in Adobe Photoshop.

In addition to standard practices of cropping and colour correction, shadow detail is revealed, highlights are retained, the colours are more vibrant and also some perspective correction has been carried out to stop the house on the right appearing to lean.

RAW converter Uxbridge photo

Software used for image editing is normally Adobe Photoshop. RAW conversions are done in Adobe Camera RAW, Bibble Pro or DXO Optics Pro. Hardware used is an Apple Mac Pro with dual monitor setup, both monitors being regularly calibrated using Spyder Pro calibration equipment.


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